Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Action Plan

April 30, 2024

The City of Pocatello, in conjunction with Hales Engineering, is soliciting feedback for the City’s Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Action Plan. The SS4A plan is funded through a U.S. DOT grant and aims to improve safety and eliminate pedestrian-vehicle fatalities. A survey regarding the priority focus areas is available at

To develop the SS4A Plan, the City has reviewed and identified priority areas to implement a Safe Systems Approach for transportation infrastructure in the City. The areas of focus are: Downtown Pocatello for the conversion or reconfiguration of N. Main St. and N. Arthur Ave.; the City’s Alameda Neighborhood; and the North Hawthorne area. Specifically, Hales Engineering is conducting an analysis of traffic access to, through, and within those priority areas for vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic; and an analysis of and concept designs for Safe Systems approaches in each area. In addition, Hales Engineering is conducting an analysis of existing conditions and historical trends across the community.

A Safe Streets and Roads for All Action Plan will enable Pocatello to develop a solution to the disconnectedness of the community and implement safe and effective alternative transportation methods. The Action Plan will also ensure those enhancements eliminate pedestrian fatalities through a Safe Systems approach and ultimately a Vision Zero goal. Measures such as sidewalks, curb ramps, bike lanes, bus lanes, safe crossing options, median islands, pedestrian signals, curb extensions, and pedestrian education and awareness will be considered to achieve SS4A goals. These methods will promote active transportation in the various areas of the City while also improving safety of not only pedestrians but all other roadway users. The SS4A Plan will allow the City to apply for SS4A construction funding to build the infrastructure recommendations from the plan.