Alameda-Jefferson Safety Improvements On the Way

This intersection was identified as an area that needed to be reconfigured to improve the congestion and overall safety of pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists. The new design incorporates several safety features that are expected to reduce the amount of accidents and congestion at this intersection. These include better pedestrian crossings, elimination of left turns, increased wayfinding for visually impaired, and updated curb ramps to conform to current ADA standards. Most of the business entrances will remain the same with the exception of the entrance to Foothills Plaza and the Thai Kitchen along Hiline Road. There will also be a 6’ tall sound reduction wall constructed from Wayne to the canal along the back of the residences that front Wyldwood. The traffic island northeast of Maverick will be enlarged, the island southwest of Foothills Plaza will be rebuilt but remain the same size. Please refer to the attached demolition plan and proposed design for more details.

The project has been designed and bid but the low bidder was higher than the engineer’s estimate so we have submitted a bid justification letter to ITD. We are currently waiting to hear back from ITD on the bid justification and to award the project this spring.

Draft Plans