Construction Begins on Alameda-Jefferson Intersection

Contractor Jack B. Parson began work on the intersection of Jefferson/Alameda/Pocatello Creek/Hiline as of Monday the 23rd of April. This project is anticipated to run through early July. Traffic control is minimal at this point but will continue to change through the duration of the project. During work on the medians along E. Alameda traffic will be limited to one lane each direction from Park to Dean, however, the east bound left turn lane from E. Alameda to Hiline will remain open. As work begins on the traffic islands on the northeast and southwest corners of the intersection, right turns will be blocked when traveling west on Pocatello Creek turning right onto Hiline, right turns will also be blocked when traveling east bound from E. Alameda turning right onto Jefferson. When work begins on the sound wall along the east side of E. Alameda the west bound traffic will be limited to one lane from Wayne to just after the intersection with Hiline. Additional traffic control measures may be implemented as needed. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve this intersection.