Pocatello Creek Bank Stabilization (Completed)

January 10, 2019

The first photo shows excavating below the bottom of the stream channel to install the rock toe, this helps armor the bank below the water surface even if the channel continues to erode. The Contractor then placed the first row of the Flex MSE Vegetated Wall System tying it into armored rock toe, this holds the bottom of the Flex MSE wall in place at the transition. The Flex MSE Bags are filled with a soil/compost mix allowing vegetation to grow on the bag. As the layers of Flex MSE retaining wall are built the soil behind the wall is compacted to increase stability and reduce post construction settling. Then a geogrid material is placed between some of the Flex MSE wall layers, the geogrid acts as an anchor for the exposed retaining wall and also helps reinforce the soil overall strengthening the retaining wall system. Layers and layers of the Flex MSE wall are completed until it is the same level as the existing stream bank. Willow cuttings are then installed into the Flex MSE to create habitat, aid in bank stabilization, and add visual appeal. The final step is to hydro seed the area.

September 5, 2019

The banks of Pocatello Creek will be stabilized with treatments at three locations near Fire Station #3, located at 1101 Pocatello Creek Road. The cost is estimated at $40,000, with $35,000 from grant funds through the Idaho Water Resources Board Flood Management Grant Program and the remaining from the City of Pocatello Science and Environment Division. The design was completed by Biota Research Inc. and the contractor selected was TDX Power Services. The current schedule for the project is the beginning of October 2019 with construction lasting two weeks.