New Well Source (Completed)

May 16, 2018

The City has contracted an engineering consultant who will design the new well and transmission pipeline when the location has been determined. Construction of the project will follow with completion and commissioning of the new well anticipated in 2019.

  • Design by Engineering Department and engineering consultant
  • Construction by contractor TBD
  • Estimated cost is $1,714,000
  • Funding by Water Capital Improvements fund
January 29, 2018

The Water Department plans to construct a new water supply well to provide additional needed water supply capacity for the Highland area. Test well drilling to identify an adequate water source began in Fall 2017. The City has completed three test wells in the northeast portion of the City in an attempt to locate a future water production well. Unfortunately the tested water quantity and quality did not fully satisfy the City’s criteria for new water sources at any of the three sites. Additional evaluation is underway to determine the best course of action for water source development in this portion of the water system.