Pocatello Creek Booster Station and Transmission Line Project

February 10, 2022

Planning studies have identified that the existing Spaulding Booster Station will have inadequate pumping capacity to provide the required supply of water for the near-term growth projections of the Highland Bench area. A water supply alternatives evaluation for the Highland Bench area completed in 2019 identified the Pocatello Creek Booster Station and Transmission Line project as the best alternative to address this need. The project also provides opportunities to create system redundancy and options for expansion of the facility to accommodate future water demands.

The project consists of the construction of a new booster pump station and 12,000 linear feet of waterline ranging from 24 to 30 inches in size. The booster station will have three (3) 250-hp booster pumps with a pumping capacity of approximately 2,000 gpm each and the allowable space for a fourth pump for future increased pumping capacity. The station also includes pressure tanks for surge mitigation for both the suction and discharge lines and a backup generator for emergency power. The pipeline will require several trenchless crossings of both Pocatello Creek and I-15. The project route has been identified to minimize public impacts to traffic and business operations and maintaining the lowest cost of identified alternatives. The project has an expected duration of 18 months and will be funded with Water Department capital reserves.